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About the diagnostic tool

The ISTE Lead & Transform Diagnostic Tool is a free resource that takes a snapshot of a school's alignment to the 14 Essential Conditions for learning and teaching with technology. The tool generates a free report with data that can guide your tech planning and implementation decisions as you move forward. The questionnaire takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete. If you can’t finish it in a single sitting, don’t worry! Your answers will be saved, and you can return to it any time.

How will the results help you?

After completing the questionnaire, you'll receive immediate access to results that will help you pinpoint the school's strengths and areas of growth. The data in the report will allow you to:
Bar graph showing questionnaire results

  • Measure your progress toward becoming tech- and standards-ready.
  • Inform your comprehensive planning and decision making.
  • Identify the resources you will need to help meet your tech integration goals.

Essential Conditions

Learn about the 14 Essential Conditions necessary to effectively leverage technology for learning. Learn more

Backed by research

An independent consultant evaluated the Lead & Transform Diagnostic Tool to establish its validity and reliability. Download the official validity report to read the results of this independent investigation, which verify that the tool uses reliable questionnaire items, is appropriate for a wide variety of education leaders, and provides a reliable assessment of school readiness as defined by the Essential Conditions.